Feb 16, 2020–Next Steps?

Important Update: We did not end up submitting a proposal to the Board of Alders in January, thus we will NOT be on the City Plan Commission meeting agenda this coming Wednesday (February 19). 

Synthesized Survey Results: You may recall we circulated a survey back in December regarding New Haven’s interest in seeing alternative housing models re-legalized by the zoning code. The responses were very favorable! Many of you used the write in option to express frustrations and propose creative ideas. We culled the survey results and boiled down the sentiment to discrete, actionable insights. Please see the Survey Takeaways report below in which we synthesize your responses and your recommendations. 

Draft Zoning Text: In response to your comments during Nov’s community meetings and responses to the December survey, we wrote draft zoning regulations for a temporary pilot program that legalizes tiny houses, tiny house villages, ADUs, bungalows, 3-story triplexes (referred to collectively as “Eco Units” and “Eco Villages”). The jist of the regulations is to create loose design guidelines and require some measure of developer/landlord accountability for anyone who wants to build and rent/sell these kinds of housing units. Please see the draft below. You’re welcome to redline or comment on the document and send it back to me at contact@tinylifenhv.com. (Please excuse draft typos). 

Next Steps: We could revise and propose the pilot program draft to the Board of Alders on our own, we could revise the pilot and give it to the Mayor’s team and hope they implement part of it in their overall housing strategy, or we could do nothing. We need you to help us decide our next steps. We don’t want to do anything you’re not comfortable with. If you would, please fill out another survey indicating what you’d like us to do next. Please try to let us know before March 19 (the next BOA CPC agenda deadline)!

2-16 Next Steps Survey

City Plan Commission Submission Deadlines

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